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A young couple, not knowing each other in the past, collided with each other and created boundless rumors and a romance full of interest. Cheng Xiao-Shi is an innocent and honest common young girl, whereas He Qun-Gui is the new super star of singing circle, and the oldest son, out of two, of present speaker of a legislative body. These two parallel lines meet occasionally in the street. He was eluding from paparazzi at that time, but collided with her accidentally, after she was just dumped by her boy friend. The fierce collision made his lips pressed on hers by accident. It was such a nice chance for the paparazzo, and he shot this valuable moment with his camera. He Qun had no choice but to take her and escape

First Air Date: Jul 16, 2006

Last Air Date: Jul 16, 2006

Average Episode Length: 90 minutes

Number of Episodes: 27

Number of Seasons: 1

Genres: Comedy Drama

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What if you watched
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