How Long Does it Take to Watch She Spies

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She Spies is an action-adventure television show that ran from September 9, 2002 until May 17, 2004, in two seasons. The show was sold into syndication but the first four episodes premiered on the NBC network, whose syndication arm was one of the producers. Disappointing ratings during the show's second season led to its cancellation after season two ended. She Spies bore noticeable production and directive similarities with Charlie's Angels.

First Air Date: Jul 20, 2002

Last Air Date: May 17, 2004

Average Episode Length: 43 minutes

Number of Episodes: 40

Number of Seasons: 2

Genres: Action & Adventure Comedy

Watching continuiously it will take...

What if you watched
2 4 6 8 or 10
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What if you watched
2 4 6 8 or 10
Hours a day?

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