How Long Does it Take to Watch Μην Αρχίζεις τη Μουρμούρα

Μην Αρχίζεις τη Μουρμούρα TV Show Poster

The premise of the series revolves around the daily lives of different couples of all ages from 20 to 65, but who are not connected to each other. Each couple has their own space where they live, while the story of each couple in each episode is not connected to the stories of the other couples.

First Air Date: Oct 07, 2013

Last Air Date: Jul 09, 2023

Average Episode Length: 45 minutes

Number of Episodes: 728

Number of Seasons: 10

Genres: Comedy

Watching continuiously it will take...

What if you watched
2 4 6 8 or 10
Hours a day? complete the series

What if you watched
2 4 6 8 or 10
Hours a day?

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