How Long Does it Take to Watch Life Goes On

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Life Goes On is a television series that aired on ABC from September 12, 1989, to May 23, 1993. The show centers on the Thatcher family living in suburban Chicago: Drew, his wife Elizabeth, and their children Paige, Rebecca, and Charles, who is known as Corky. Life Goes On was the first television series to have a major character with Down syndrome.

First Air Date: Sep 12, 1989

Last Air Date: May 23, 1993

Average Episode Length: 60 minutes

Number of Episodes: 83

Number of Seasons: 4

Genres: Drama

Watching continuiously it will take...

What if you watched
2 4 6 8 or 10
Hours a day? complete the series

What if you watched
2 4 6 8 or 10
Hours a day?

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