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The Music Kingdom contains musical treasures called Sound Jewels, which together produce the "Song of Blessings." The Sound Jewels are stolen by Maou, who corrupts them into Negative Jewels. Through the Dokudoku-dan, the Negative Jewels are used to turn humans into Negative Jewelers to spread a Negative Aura for Maou to use in his plan to conquer the human world by composing an evil song. In order to recover the Sound Jewels, the goddess of the Music Kingdom sends the Fairy Rhythms; Poppun, Rocky, and Kuranosuke, to the human world to seek help.

First Air Date: Apr 02, 2017

Last Air Date: Mar 25, 2018

Average Episode Length: 25 minutes

Number of Episodes: 51

Number of Seasons: 1

Genres: Kids Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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