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Kin is the President of KTK Corporation and is marrying his long time girlfriend of 7 years Ganok. On their wedding night, the bride goes to retrieve a wedding present that she had forgotten for her newly wedded husband. Tawan had just left the airport after finding out that her fiancé had been cheating for two years and is now breaking off their engagement. Moreover, they are expecting their first child. Tawan, hurt and heart-broken, walks home in the rain and while crossing the street was hit by a car driven by Ganok. Tawan was hospitalized. Ganok was later pronounced death. Kin was devastated that he had just lost the love of his life, and demanded to know who that person was that caused his wife's car accident. He later went to Tawan's hospital room and read the name on her ID tag. That name is now forever embedded in his mind and promised Ganok that he will seek revenge for her with the upmost satisfaction....

First Air Date: May 21, 2014

Last Air Date: Jun 04, 2014

Average Episode Length: 1650 minutes

Number of Episodes: 15

Number of Seasons: 1

Genres: Soap Drama

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What if you watched
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